Our Threshold Assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation of an athlete’s movement capacity and analysis of their respective skill.
The Threshold Assessment scores and analyzes athletes in the following areas:

Passive and active mobility

Strength, stability and control of the body through multiple planes and various velocities

Power and speed

Biomechanics of respective skill through the use of wearable sensors and high speed camera

Ball-flight and other performance metrics through the use of Rapsodo and Blast Motion

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S2 Breakthrough is revolutionizing softball player development. Through movement assessments, individualized development plans and data driven programs, our pitchers improved immensely in a short amount of time. There’s no doubt S2 Breakthrough is taking the game of softball to the next level.

Rilee Dawson , Head Coach of St. Scholastica

The assessment provides concrete data to inform an appropriate development plan that is tailored for each athlete. The science behind the assessment ensures that a long-term development plan is developed and implemented. This approach is far superior to an alternative model that places unrealistic expectations on developing players and creates obstacles to maximizing potential. The assessment provides the guide to all future development in the most efficient, realistic, and productive manner.

Dave Brannegan , Father of S2 Athlete