Next Gen Kids Program

Athlete training programs must coincide with physical maturity. Our Next Gen Program is integral to S2’s long-term athlete development model, focusing on young players that are early in physical maturation — ensuring that they receive developmentally appropriate training.
The Next Gen Program prioritizes the following areas:

Movement exploration and self-organization

Encouragement of play and competition

Maintaining healthy division between general movement and skill-training

Developing scalable softball skills


There is no doubt to me that @krista_stoker, @LauraATC and the rest of the crew @S2_Breakthrough I have built one of the best youth sport/training programs out there! A model for healthy and positive development for young people!


Michael Jennings , Director of Athlos Healthy Body

S2 Breakthrough has developed a non-traditional, pre-puberty model. This model uses a movement focused approach to acquire the skills needed for softball (hitting, pitching, and fielding). S2’s model is a balance of becoming competent in foundational movements (skipping, hopping, hinging, balancing, bending, etc), age appropriate off-season “training” (tag, capture the flag, and obstacle courses), and of course hitting, pitching, and fielding. These foundational movements are used daily in the sport of softball, and are essential to be learned, practiced, and mastered.

John Karales , Coach in Orland Park A’s organization

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