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The Power of Integration in Strength and Conditioning: S2 Summer S&C Internship Program

Posted on March 2, 2023 by S2 Breakthrough

“The most important lesson I learned during my internships was the concept of integration” – Karli Sewell.  What Is Integration In Strength And Conditioning? Integration refers to the process of connecting everything that is being done on the strength floor to the performance on the field. It is about understanding the demands of the sport Read More »

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Join Our Team: Seeking a Part-Time Customer Experience Representative

Posted on March 1, 2023 by S2 Breakthrough

S2 Breakthrough is a data-driven softball player development company seeking a part-time customer experience representative to join its remote team. The position is perfect for someone looking for a flexible schedule, with only 15-20 hours of work per week. The role is for a remote independent contractor position, and the starting pay is $20/hour. In Read More »

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Maximizing Your Performance: In-Season Training for High School Softball Players

Posted on February 28, 2023 by S2 Breakthrough

As high school softball players prepare for their upcoming season, it’s important to remember the role that training plays in their success on the field. In this video, Karli emphasizes the importance of prioritizing development year-round, even during the season. The Importance of Training During the Season While it’s easy to get caught up in Read More »

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S2 Breakthrough: Player Development School

S2 Breakthrough provides education, research, and systems that are necessary for executing a true softball player development model. The softball training system we developed at S2 Breakthrough involves constant fact-finding into what elite athletes do.

Our softball player development company understands that for real player development to occur, it has to be about evolution and growth, empowerment and established in science and understanding. What makes elite softball players successful is a holistic program while being mindful of injury. We are supportive and work as a cohesive team in player training. 

Why Us?

Our Director of Biomechanics has a background in athletic training that ensures protocols we employ are rooted in science and are continually backed in data. We also have a full-time Director of Strength and Conditioning to be sure that movement and basic skills are applied cohesively.

S2 Breakthrough has developed an assessment process that allows us to individually target training. Our softball coaches use technology for both insights into the athletes and also the accountability of our programs. The system we have developed has been employed by college programs and is easily translated at the college level for those seeking player development
success. Learn more about our data-driven softball development and reach out with any questions.

View our services to learn more and begin your softball training focused on long-term athlete development.